World Water Day in Düsseldorf

YAQU PACHA was yesterday together with the project h2eau at the World Water Day at the Kunstraum Kö106 in Düsseldorf. We had set up an information booth and informed the visitors about our species protection projects. Our friend Konny Zimmermann together with his colleague Dirk inspired the audience with their fantastic water music. It was a wonderful evening and we thank the organizer Konrad Zimmermann h2eau for the donations from the entrance fees, which go in equal parts to Viva con Agua and YAQU PACHA.

YAQU PACHA at the EAAM meeting

YAQU PACHA attends the EAAM meeting in Valencia, Spain and was instrumental in organizing the Conservation Round Table. Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen presents our conservation projects there and also introduces our new campaign for the protection of the 600 last remaining Lahille's bottlenose dolphins.

Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen at the EAAM meeting in Valencia
EAAM presentation campaign Lahille's bottlenose dolphin

From left to right: Dr. Daniel Garcia Parraga (Scientific Director L'Oceanografic, Valencia), Martin Böye (President Elect EAAM) and Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen (1st Chairman YAQU PACHA) at the launch of YAQU PACHA's new campaign to save the last 600 remaining Lahille's bottlenose dolphins.

Flight counts in Uruguay have begun

Last Saturday, the flight counts of Franciscana Dolphins (Pontoporia blainvillei) started with flights between Maldonado and Montevideo in Uruguay. These flight counts are conducted for the first time on the coast of Uruguay and are very important to determine the population of La Plata dolphins in Uruguay.

Find out how you can help us with this important project below.

World Water Day

22.03.2023 is World Water Day and YAQU PACHA celebrates this day together with our friend and musician H2eau Projekt Konrad Zimmermann in a very special location in Düsseldorf at Kunstraum Kö 106!
Mark this date already and we are looking forward to your visit.
The entrance fee is 10 Euro and YAQU PACHA receives 50% of the entrance fees.

World Water Day Kunstraum Kö 106 Düsseldorf H2eau Project

Report from Brazil


In this report, we present the results of the projects and educational programs supported by YAQU PACHA, in which YAQU PACHA assisted the ECOLOGIA HUMANA DO OCEANO group in 2022. The projects are coordinated by Camilah Antunes Zappes, professor at the Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, in southeastern Brazil. In 2022, YAQU PACHA funded two projects for a total of US$4609.96.
All of these projects will continue in 2023.

Project 1: Ethnobiology of the Guiana dolphin(Sotalia guianensis) in the state of Espírito Santo, southeastern Brazil.

Project 2: Ethnobiology of the Franciscana dolphin(Pontoporia blainvillei) along the Brazilian coast.

Project 3: Ocean at school

Project 4: Digital Ocean and the Dissemination of Marine Literacy

Download and view the entire report as PDF: report_eco_hum_oceano_2022

Thank you Teddy Hermann

Teddy Hermann donation

A very big thank youto Teddy Hermann for the great and long lasting support of our species protection projects with the wonderful plush animals from the YAQU PACHA collection and the generous donation!
Only through your support we can successfully work on the protection of endangered aquatic mammal species.
Thank you very much for your support and your donation!
You can find the plush animals from the Teddy Hermann YAQU PACHA collection in the PROMOTION section.

Teddy Hermann manatee Manati Manatee
Teddy Hermann donation

Aerial Counts - Aerial Survey - Your donation counts

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin EUR35.000 towards the EUR43.000 target.EUR35.000Raised EUR35.000 towards the EUR43.000 target.81%

Help us with your donation | In the context of species conservation, aerial surveys are a proven method to estimate the population of a species. This is especially true for dolphin species. Basically, it involves the use of aircraft flying at low altitudes from which human observers can see and count the animals they see in the sea.

Aerial Survey Toninhas plane

YAQU PACHA has previously supported aerial surveys (aerial survey Toninhas in Brazil and Argentina) in estimating the population of the endangered La Plata dolphins - Franciscana - Toninhas. So far, only Uruguay has a gap in the population estimate. From March to April 2023, a group of biologists from Brazil and Uruguay will fly along the Uruguayan coast to count La Plata dolphins. It will be the first time that data will be collected on the population of this species in Uruguay.

Aerial Survey Toninhas Team YAQU PACHA Uruguay La Plata Dolphin Franciscana Donation

Aerial surveys are very expensive. They are carried out by companies that rent airplanes.
One flight hour aerial survey Toninhas costs 1000 EURO. A total of 43 flight hours are planned, which means that the whole project will cost 43000 EURO.
Thanks to various non-governmental organizations and other sponsors such as Tiergarten Nürnberg and Verein der Tiergartenfreunde Nürnberg e.V., 35000 EURO have already been collected, which means we still need to collect 8000 EURO.
The La Plata dolphin is the most endangered dolphin species in South America and urgently needs our help!
YAQU PACHA coordinates the protection efforts in Europe to save this dolphin species.

Aerial Survey Toninhas Franciscana La Plata Dolphin Donation

With your support you help to successfully carry out this important project and for your donation you will of course receive a donation receipt from us and if you wish, we will include you in the list of supporters of this project with your name and if desired, also with a link to your website.

You can donate conveniently and securely with PayPal

or with a donation to our donation account

Account holder: YAQU PACHA e.V.
IBAN: DE91 7605 0101 0001 1416 38
Bank: Sparkasse Nuremberg
Reason for payment: Donation Flight Count and please include your name and address with the transfer and mention yes or no and if applicable your internet address

Thank you very much for your support and your donation!

Aerial Survey Toninhas Franciscana Uruguay La Plata Dolphin Toninha Donation Donations

The project is possible thanks to the joint efforts of scientists from Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina:
Artur Andriolo, Alexandre Zerbini, Caterina Dimitriades, Cecilia Passadore, Daniel Danilewicz, Emanuel Ferreira, Federico Sucunza, Martin Sucunza Perez, Miguel Iñiguez, Paulo Henrique Ott, Valentina Franco-Trecu

List of supporters of this project:
Nuremberg Zoo
Association of Friends of the Nuremberg Zoo e.V.
IWC Scientific Committee Research Fund
Instituto Aqualie

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Partnership continues

At the boot Düsseldorf 2023 YAQU PACHA and the companies MARES - just add water, Kallweit and Scubapro agreed to continue their long lasting partnership.
Thank you very much for your support of our species protection projects and your long lasting loyalty!

Partnership species protection YAQU PACHA MARES Kallweit Scubapro boot Düsseldorf

For many years YAQU PACHA also had a booth at the boot and next year we plan to be present again with our own booth at the boot fair in Düsseldorf to inform visitors about our work in species conservation.
Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen (1st chairman YAQU PACHA e.V.) presents the representatives of the companies Mares, Scubapro and Kallweit with our partnership award as a thank you for supporting our projects.

Our partners | 30 years of YAQU PACHA e.V. | Protection of endangered species

Species that YAQU PACHA is working to protect

For 30 years YAQU PACHA e.V. has been active as a species protection organization in South America, respectively Latin America. Meanwhile we are working on the protection of 9 endangered aquatic mammal species in 6 countries in Latin America together with different partners.

Species protection organization YAQU PACHA South America Latin America dolphins manatee manatee seals mammal species protection

We are currently working in species conservation in South America to protect the following endangered mammal species. With Lahille's bottlenose dolphins in Lagoa dos Patos in Brazil. With Project Manati in Brazil and Venezuela. The La Plata Dolphin Franciscana project spans Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. The Amazon Dolphin and Sotalia projects are carried out in Brazil and Venezuela. Our maned seal project covers the entire range of this species. The sea otter project Lontra felina is carried out in Peru and together with YAQU PACHA Chile we work on the conservation of Chilean d olphins and Peales dolphins in Chile. And one of our most important projects is the project to protect the endangered vaquita in the Gulf of California.

We appreciate your interest in the work of our species conservation organization and our projects and your your support.
Thank you very much!

Tasks and Goals | Team Germany | 30 Years YAQU PACHA e.V. | Environmental Education

Happy New Year 2023

The team of YAQU PACHA wishes you and your family a Happy New Year and all the best and good luck and health for the New Year 2023. We would also like to take this opportunity to once again sincerely thank everyone who supports our work in species conservation and our projects.

Happy New Year 2023 from Team YAQU PACHA Species Conservation Organization South America
Happy New Year 2023 from Team YAQU PACHA Species Protection Organization South America LAJAM Ecologia Humana do Oceano Solamac Aquazoo Dusseldorf

Some impressions from 2022

Successful WorkShop - Happy faces

A group picture from our great WorkShop "HUMAN DIMENSION in small CETACEAN CONSERVATION"
Again, many thanks to all participants who made this species conservation meeting a successful event.

HUMAN DIMENSION in small CETACEAN CONSERVATION Species Conservation South America Group Workshop

We would like to thank especially the Nuremberg Zoo, the Nuremberg Zoo Friends Association, the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum Düsseldorf, Heidelberg Zoo, Duisburg Zoo, Planète Sauvage and Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park for their support.

Species protection

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas YAQU PACHA Species Protection Organization South America

Merry Christmas and many thanks to all who support our work!
Only through your support and donations is a successful implementation of our species conservation projects possible.
Best regards, your team from YAQU PACHA e.V.

Summary of a successful WorkShop

Yesterday was our last WorkShop day. For five days, more than 30 experts from 15 countries discussed how to apply the human dimension to dolphin and small cetacean conservation. Our main goal at this WorkShop was to expand the concept in integrated species conservation by involving people, especially those who share their environment with endangered species. To achieve this goal, we invited experts such as psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, tourism experts, and business and communication specialists, in addition to field biologists. Together we shared our experiences in species conservation, had lively discussions and developed ideas for the future.

The next step is to produce a report that can serve decision makers in situations where the coexistence of animals and humans may be threatened, especially by human activities.

We would especially like to thank the Nuremberg Zoo, theVerein der Tiergartenfreunde Nürnberg e.V., the Aquazoo Düsseldorf, the Zoo Heidelberg, the Zoo Duisburg, Planete Sauvage and Rancho Texas Lanzarote for their support.

Workshop Species Protection Conference Meeting
Workshop Nuremberg Heilsbronn species protection meeting
Workshop Nuremberg Heilsbonn Species Protection Meeting 2022

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Report about our WorkShop Day 2

On Saturday, our Species Conservation WorkShop talked about the threat status of 5 dolphin species that YAQU PACHA is working to protect and there were several interesting presentations about them.
Dr. Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho gave a presentation about the endangered vaquita.
Professor Eduardo Secchi provided information about the status of the Franciscana d olphin (Pontoporia blainvillei) and about Lahille's bott lenose dolphins in Lagoa dos Patos in Brazil.
Afterwards Fernando Trujillo informed about the endangered status of Inia geoffrensis, the Amazon dolphin and about Sotalia dolphins living in the rainforest of South America.
Saturday was an extremely informative day and we will present the results of our species conservation WorkShop in detail here.

Species Protection Dolphins South America Human Dimension
Fernando Trujillo Omacha species conservation dolphins South America
Workshop species protection dolphins South America
Workshop species protection dolphins South America Human Dimension
Workshop Presentation Dolphins Human Dimension
Eduardo Secchi Workshop Dolphins South America Human Dimension

News from our workshop | Summary of a successful workshop | Meetings and workshops | YAQU PACHA Calendar | Project Seals | 30 years YAQU PACHA e.V.

News from our WorkShop

Yesterday evening Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen, first chairman of our species conservation organization opened the international workshop "Human Dimension in small Cetacean Conservation" (strategies to engage people in species conservation). 34 experts from different disciplines will meet in Heilsbronn until December 21st to exchange experiences and to develop new strategies.
Many of our biologists from South America will participate in this important workshop and there will be a lively exchange of experiences and many interesting presentations on this topic.
The workshop was organized and financed by YAQU PACHA, because it is extremely important to get people interested in species conservation and to motivate them to make a contribution themselves.
Be it only through financial support.
All our species protection projects are financed through donations and membership fees and since we all work on a voluntary basis, all funds flow 100% into our projects in Latin America.
We will of course continue to report on the workshop and then present the results.

Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen YAQU PACHA Workshop
Eduardo Secchi Workshop Species Conservation South America
Workshop News
Workshop participants species protection
Participants Human Dimension in small Cetacean Conservation

Partners of the event are: IUCN, Nuremberg Zoo, Verein der Tiergartenfreunde Nürnberg, European Association for Aquatic Mammals, Heidelberg Zoo, Duisburg Zoo, Aquazoo Düsseldorf Löbbecke Museum, Rancho Texas Lanzarote, Planète Sauvage.

Scientific Advisory Board | Report on our Workshop Day 2 | Summary of a successful workshop | Conferences and workshops | 30 years of YAQU PACHA e.V.

YAQU PACHA Chile with project NAVEGA in schools

The YAQU PACHA Chile team was very happy to receive a warm welcome at the school in Quellón and the students from preschool to 6th grade showed great interest and curiosity to learn more about the Chilean dolphin and its characteristics, habitat and conservation measures. All topics from our scientific research to biology, to the distribution of this endangered dolphin species were covered.

Workshop organized by YAQU PACHA e.V.

For decades, YAQU PACHA e.V. has been developing programs to raise people's awareness of biodiversity conservation. This work will now be intensified with the workshop "Human Dimensions of small Cetacean Conservation". Through a transdisciplinary approach involving biologists, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, economists and communication experts, concepts will be developed to make integrated species conservation sustainable through human participation. The workshop will take place from December 16 to 20. During these days, we will try to share current findings with members and interested parties.

YAQU PACHA Calendar 2023

We are pleased to present you the YAQU PACHA Calendar 2023.
The calendar contains the species that YAQU PACHA is working to protect in South America - Latin America.
You can order it for the price of 10 EURO (including shipping) by sending an email to
. Please indicate your name and address with your order.
The shipment will take place within the next days after receipt of your order and you will receive an invoice with the delivery.
Since we all work on a voluntary basis, 100% of the proceeds from the sale will go to the species protection projects of our organization YAQU PACHA e.V.
. Thank you very much for your support.

YAQU PACHA calendar 2023 species protection organization dolphins South America

Desk calendar, size: 15 x 15 cm - Photos: Fernando Trujillo, Sergio Rodriguez Heredia, Rodrigo Genoves, Paula Faiferman

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Professionals Training, Pantanal 2022

Report by Maria Jimena Valderrama, veterinarian, from our partner organization Fundación Omacha

Thanks to Yaqu Pacha, I was able to travel from Bogota to Pantanal, Brazil, to participate in the 10th International Training Course for Wildlife Work, organized by Tamandua Institute, for which I received a scholarship from FINN (Foundation for International Aid Animals).
During this course I deepened my knowledge and skills for wildlife management. From capturing and collecting samples, clinical assessment and field monitoring of different wildlife species to in-depth discussion on animal health.
In addition, this meeting of different professionals working in conservation in Latin America was a place to discuss ideas, share knowledge and experiences in order to develop and strengthen strategies to address all the problems encountered in conservation medicine today.

International Stop ByCatch Day

Today is International Stop Bycatch Day and Yaqu Pacha is continuously working with fishermen and partners to reduce marine mammal bycatch from fishing activities.
Yaqu Pacha recognizes that fishing is important for local fishermen and communities to cover their daily livelihoods.
Therefore, we work closely with fishermen and fishing communities to find solutions to reduce bycatch.

Hormone analysis in marine mammals

Dr. Silvina Botta of ECOMEGA FURG, our partners in Brazil, is currently visiting the endocrinology lab at the Toronto Zoo for a training program sponsored by YAQU PACHA on hormone analysis in marine mammals. Stress-associated hormones such as cortisol are being analyzed in samples of Lahille bottlenose dolphins from ECOMEGA FURG and PROJETO BOTOS. Samples were obtained from tooth dentin using the automated MicroMill drilling system at ECOMEGA FURG. The main objective is to relate stress hormone levels to environmental factors such as changes in prey availability or deteriorated habitat conditions.

20 years Yaqu Pacha Chile

Congratulations also from our side and we would like to thank here also for the great cooperation with our biologists on site in all these years.
Yaqu Pacha Chile is currently working on a project NAVEGA con el delfín chileno and an article about it was published in a magazine in Chile.
Information is also available on the website of Yaqu Pacha Chile...

Scientific article about Franciscana dolphin

There is a new publication by our biologist Professor Eduardo Secchi along with other scientists on the La Plata dolphin or Franciscana (Pontoporia blainvillei) in the new LAJAM Journal.
This publication, which focuses on the Franciscana dolphin, provides a step-by-step guide to help researchers working on marine mammal conservation compile long-term stranding databases.
This work is fundamental to species conservation research.
You can find this publication and other articles in the new issue of the LAJAM Latin American Journal of Aquatic Mammals.
Yaqu Pacha has supported LAJAM's publication since its inception.
Publisher Sociedad Latinoamericana de Especialistas en Mamíferos Acuáticos - SOLAMAC

The new LAJAM Journal is here

The latest issue of the Latin American Journal of Aquatic Mammals (vol 17, issue 2) is now published and online.

Yaqu Pacha has supported the publication of LAJAM Magazine from the beginning. In this issue, among other things, there is a publication by our biologist Prof. Eduardo Secchi about the La Plata dolphin.

Publisher is
Sociedad Latinoamericana de Especialistas en Mamíferos Acuáticos - SOLAMAC

30 years of YAQU PACHA e.V. at the Zoo Duisburg and Aquazoo Düsseldorf

Some impressions of the 30th anniversary Yaqu Pacha e.V. members meeting in the zoo Duisburg
We met in the morning in the zoo and were welcomed and guided through the zoo and there was detailed and interesting information about the animals.
In the afternoon the Yaqu Pacha members met in the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum Düsseldorf, where Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen (founder and 1st chairman of Yaqu Pacha) gave a presentation about 30 years of Yaqu Pacha e.V. and 30 years of species protection in Latin America.
The day ended with a joint dinner and many nice conversations.
At this point we would like to thank the Zoo Duisburg and the Aquazoo Düsseldorf for their hospitality and a big thank you also for the financial support of our projects in Latin America.
Here's to many more years of working to protect endangered aquatic mammal species.

30 years YAQU PACHA e.V.

30 years of species protection organization YAQU PACHA e.V. - 30 years of species protection in South America and Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen (1st chairman and founder of Yaqu Pacha) held a lecture in the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum Düsseldorf about our 30 years of work in nature conservation and in the protection of endangered aquatic mammal species in Latin America.
Many members and interested people came to the event and followed with interest how everything started and what we have achieved and could move in the 30 years with our species protection organization.
At this point a very warm thank you to all members, partners and supporters, without whom our work would not be possible and we look forward to many more years in which we can work on the protection of threatened aquatic mammal species in South America - Latin America.

30 years of species protection organization YAQU PACHA
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Proyecto Sotalia and the Day of the River Dolphins

On the occasion of the International River Dolphin Day, our partners Proyecto Sotalia had an information event in Venezuela.
Many interested people came to this event and our biologist Yurasi Briceño reported about the work on the protection of the dolphins and our activities in Venezuela.
There was also a photo exhibition with photographs of different photographers and biologists.
There was also something for children and they participated with joy and interest.
At this point we would like to thank our partners from Proyecto Sotalia for their great work in Venezuela.

Species Protection Day at Aquazoo Düsseldorf

Yaqu Pacha at the Species Protection Day at the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum Düsseldorf
Many visitors came to the Species Protection Day and the Yaqu Pacha team informed the visitors about our projects in Latin America. Special interest was shown in the protection of the endangered Vaquita.
In the photo from left to right... Silke Meyer, Sandra Honigs, Andreas Banse, Sebastian Schnock

19. RT in Brazil, Yaqu Pacha is the main sponsor of the event

The 19th Working Meeting of Aquatic Mammal Specialists in South America (19th RT) 19 RT Brasil and the 13th Congress of the Latin American Society of Aquatic Mammal Specialists (XIII SOLAMAC) in Praia do Forte was held with main sponsorship from YAQU PACHA.

The presentations of the projects and the support of the Mata de São João City Hall were terrific.
The event, held from September 11-15, brought together the leading experts on aquatic mammals in Latin America. There were a total of 245 participants, 10 different countries, 294 papers presented and several exhibitors.

Palm Beach Aquatic Mammal Congress.

One of the main goals of YAQU PACHA is to provide educational opportunities for Latin American students and professionals. We believe that this prepares these people to be the leading scientists in their home countries, and that this is the best foundation for a successful and sustainable scientific culture.
In recent years, YAQU PACHA has offered targeted support programs to help students, biologists, and veterinarians not only learn new research methods, but also build a network to help them navigate the world of science.

This is Raphaela Mota and her participation in the most important congress for aquatic mammals in August 2022 in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.
She then spent a month with Randy Wells to learn research methods. Her participation and training were paid for by YAQU PACHA.

Professionals Training, Sarasota, May 2022

Report by Maria Jimena Valderrama, veterinarian, from our partner organization Fundación Omacha

During the annual bottlenose dolphin health survey in Sarasota, Florida, organized by the Chicago Zoological Society and the Dolphin Biology Research Institute, I participated as an invited researcher, working in or near the waters of Sarasota Bay and surrounding areas with free-ranging dolphins.
This opportunity allowed me to increase my knowledge of dolphin population health assessment through specialized clinical examinations, ultrasound, sample collection and processing, analysis of physiological processes, and additional methods for identifying and capturing small cetacean populations. I plan to apply all of this to my work in South America with endangered river dolphins.
The Omacha Foundation has been working to protect them and aquatic ecosystems for about 30 years, but there is an urgent need to use new conservation medicine techniques to meet the new challenges posed by emerging diseases and new threats that may affect this species and its ecosystems.
This space was also a place to share experiences and knowledge with different institutions such as the National Marine Mammal Foundation, where new alliances were created for joint work in Colombia.