YAQU PACHA at the EAAM Conference

YAQU PACHA participates in the EAAM meeting in Valencia, Spain and was instrumental in the organization of the Conservation Round Table. Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen will present our species conservation projects and also present our new campaign to protect the 600 last remaining Lahille's bottlenose dolphins.

Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen at the EAAM Conference in Valencia
EAAM Presentation Campaign Lahille's Bottlenose dolphin

From left to right: Dr. Daniel Garcia Parraga (Scientific Director L'Oceanografic, Valencia), Martin Böye (President-elect EAAM) and Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen (1st Chairman YAQU PACHA) at the presentation of the new campaign of YAQU PACHA to save the last 600 remaining Lahille's bottlenose dolphins.