Videos about the species protection projects of YAQU PACHA e.V.

Video YAQU PACHA Chile

The La Plata dolphin

Videos YAQU PACHA in Chile

Infofilm YAQU PACHA - Species protection in Latin America

Videos underwater shots of Burmeister porpoises

Video of the sea musical "Diego will's wissen".
Performance of the sea musical "Diego will's wissen" of the KinderMusikTheater Schwaig on 21.07.2013 in the Nuremberg Zoo.

KinderMusikTheater Schwaig and YAQU PACHA jointly support a school in Uruguay and thus the home of the endangered La Plata dolphin. All proceeds and donations of this event will go to the elementary school "La Coronilla Uruguay" and will be used for an environmental project there.

Many thanks to the children of the KinderMusikTheater Schwaig for these wonderful performances, to Evelyne Schertlin and Christine Schaller for the great preparation and direction of the musical, and to all the helpers who made this event possible.

Videos exhibition "DEADLINE - the sea wants to live".

Take a look at our videos at your leisure and if you have any questions about our projects, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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