Project »Maned Seals«

Although the maned seal or South American sea lion (Ottaria flavescens) is one of the non-endangered species (IUCN – Red List: not endangered), some reports from researchers from South America in recent years have led to the status of individual seal populations being reconsidered. Maned seals are one of the aquatic species that are known to interact with human activities. Especially in the field of fisheries, aquaculture and tourism.

Due to these interactions, it is increasingly common for seals to either die in fishing nets as bycatch or are deliberately killed because they damage the nets of fish farms and thus cause immense economic damage to fishermen. Tourism has caused the habitat of the animals to be changed in such a way that the animals have to look for new areas.

Due to this problem, YAQU PACHA, in cooperation with Heidelberg Zoo, Amneville Zoo and the Dutch Zoo Association (NVD), financially supported a first workshop on the status of this seal species in 2009. Recommendations of this workshop include numerous measures such as monitoring the colonies in the entire distribution area, identification of management areas and determination of the overall population as well as the threat posed by fishing.

The aim of YAQU PACHA and the above-mentioned partners in the Seals project is to support these studies of South American sea lions in the long term in order to develop conservation measures at an early stage.

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