Amazon Dolphin" project

River dolphins such as the Amazon river dolphin are among the most endangered dolphin species in the world.
The construction of dams, contamination of the waters, loss of habitat, bycatch and targeted killing are the greatest threats.

Directly affected by targeted killing for several years is the Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis). In Brazil, up to 1,500 animals are killed annually because their meat is highly sought after. But not because humans eat it, but rather because the Inia meat is used as bait to catch a catfish(Calophysus macropterus) about 45 cm long.

The demand for this catfish meat has risen sharply, especially in Colombia, leading to more and more dolphins being killed. The quick profit attracts more and more fishermen to the river. According to the scientist Vera da Silva(INPA, Manaus), the number of communities involved in this fishery has increased significantly. Initial population counts already show that certain local populations of the Amazon dolphin are declining.

Project Amazon dolphin Inia geoffrensis Proyecto Sotalia Venezuela dolphin conservation

YAQU PACHA is currently working together with PROYECTO SOTALIA in Venezuela in the dolphin conservation of the Amazon dolphin(Inia geoffrensis).

Inias inia geoffrensis group river dolphin dolphins
Photo: Fernando Trujillo - Fundación Omacha

Project Amazon dolphin Inia geoffrensis Venezuela species protection dolphin conservation

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Long-term core tasks of this species conservation project are: