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Conferences and Workshops | The exchange of scientific knowledge between Latin American and internationally recognized scientists in species conservation is a top priority for YAQU PACHA.

To date, YAQU PACHA has provided financial support for five workshops and two conferences:

Furthermore, YAQU PACHA supports scientists from South America, respectively Latin America, to participate in international species conservation meetings and workshops. The exchange of scientific knowledge has the highest priority in species conservation. All projects of YAQU PACHA are accompanied by our scientific advisory board.

In 2022, with the support of our partners, Team YAQU PACHA Germany was able to successfully organize and conduct our important Human Dimension in small Cetacean Conservation workshop.

For five days, more than 30 experts from 15 countries discussed how to apply the human dimension to the conservation of small cetaceans and dolphins at this meeting. Our main goal was to expand the concept of integrated species conservation by involving people, especially those who share their environment with endangered species. To achieve this goal, we invited experts such as psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, tourism experts, and business and communication specialists, in addition to field biologists. Together we shared our experiences in species conservation, had lively discussions and developed ideas for the future.

The next step is to produce a report that can be used by decision-makers in situations where the coexistence of animals and humans may be threatened, particularly by human activities.

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We will always present the final results of the meeting here.

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