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The species conservation organization YAQU PACHA – Organization for the Conservation of Dolphins and Aquatic Mammals | Since 1992, YAQU PACHA e.V. has been committed to the conservation of species and the protection of endangered aquatic mammals, such as dolphins in South America and Latin America.

It all started with the Sacha Pacha (Jungle World) project in the Cuyabeno Nature Reserve in the rainforest of Ecuador. As a species conservation organization, we have been committed to the protection of Amazon dolphins, giant otters and the Amazon manatee for many years. Their survival is severely threatened by uncontrolled oil production and the destruction of their habitat.

Species Conservation Organization YAQU PACHA South America Amazon Dolphin Inia geoffrensis Giant Otter Manatee Manatee Dolphins

For our species conservation organization YAQU PACHA, it has always been an important concern and a main task of our species conservation organization to save animal species from extinction. In order to achieve this goal in species conservation, YAQU PACHA develops and supports conservation projects in South America that are geared towards the animal species, habitat and humans.
According to the motto of our species conservation organization: Humans are the problem – humans are the solution, it is our credo that sustainable nature conservation can only succeed if people recognize the value of preserving biodiversity. That is why it is important to involve the local population in species conservation.

Species Conservation Organization YAQU PACHA South America Latin America People on the ground

Our approach to dolphin conservation follows a simple strategy: we identify a problem that threatens the survival of an animal species, conduct scientific investigations, and provide results to develop strategies to eliminate the threat. In parallel, from the very beginning, we try to encourage people to participate in this process by understanding the problem and offering solutions to ultimately become the guardians of biodiversity.

YAQU PACHA also promotes scientific exchange, whether through the organization and financing of workshops, congresses and scientific journals. Since capacity building on the ground is important, our organization also supports training opportunities for local biologists and scientists.

Species Conservation Organization Dolphins South America Latin America Species Conservation Organization YAQU PACHA Projects
In the many years that we have been active in the conservation of dolphins and marine mammals in South America and Latin America, we have extended our activities to other endangered species, such as the Vaquita and expanded to other countries. YAQU PACHA is currently working on the protection of 9 endangered aquatic mammal species in 6 countries in South America and Latin America.

Learn more about the work of our species conservation organization in the Projects section and we look forward to your interest and your donation for species conservation. You can use our WISH LIST to support our projects in a very targeted way.

All employees of YAQU PACHA e.V. in Germany and the board of directors work for the society on a voluntary basis and without remuneration.

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