The species conservation projects of YAQU PACHA are financed by sales items, donations and membership fees. Since we all work on a voluntary basis, the income from our fan shop also directly benefits the protection of endangered species.

Sale Items – Plush Toys

With the YAQU PACHA plush toy special collection, the Franconian company Teddy HERMANN from Hirschaid supports the projects of YAQU PACHA.

When you buy one of these cuddly representatives of endangered species, you automatically support the projects of YAQU PACHA, because YAQU PACHA receives a part of the sales proceeds from every plush toy sold.

Many thanks to Teddy HERMANN for the support!

The YAQU PACHA special collection is available at all Teddy HERMANN dealers.

Plush Toys Sale Item Yaqu Pacha Fanshop Teddy Hermann Manatee Manati

YAQU PACHA Sale Fanshop

In our YAQU PACHA fan shop you will find a large selection of clothing and accessories for women, men and children.
You can order them directly online.

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