Tasks & Goals

Since 1992, the species conservation organization YAQU PACHA e.V. has been active in nature conservation in South America and Latin America to help both animals such as dolphins and humans.

Through nature conservation core projects in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela and Peru, YAQU PACHA makes an important contribution to species conservation in cooperation with international and local partners.

By protecting endangered species and their habitats, YAQU PACHA is committed to the preservation of biodiversity.

The name YAQU PACHA (jaku patscha) means "water world" and comes from the Indian language Quichua.

The main focus of our species conservation organization is on aquatic mammals (including whales, dolphins, otters, seals and manatees). Many of them are end links in the food chain. They are considered bioindicators whose existence depends on the overall state of the ecosystem.

YAQU PACHA promotes nature conservation research projects in South America that provide valuable insights for science. Because only if we know animals and their habitats will we be able to protect them. Long-term protection measures for endangered species are also among the priorities and tasks of YAQU PACHA.

For example, the protection of the La Plata dolphin or Franciscana (Pontoporia blainvillei), the most endangered dolphin species in South America, has been one of the core tasks of our species conservation organization since 1996. YAQU PACHA supports population estimates, the determination of bycatch figures and the implementation of conservation measures in the entire distribution area of this dolphin species. With our WISH LIST you can support us in this in a very targeted way.

The latest species conservation project

The vaquita is on the verge of extinction. Within the last decade, the population has shrunk by 95% to only 9 animals.
The vaquita urgently needs our help!

With SOS-Vaquita , the species conservation organisation YAQU PACHA, Nuremberg Zoo and the Verein der Tiergartenfreunde Nürnberg e.V. have launched an initiative to support conservation efforts for this species.

The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness among people about the protection of the vaquita and to raise funds needed to ensure the rescue of the vaquita.

The YAQU PACHA board and Team Germany work for the society on a voluntary basis. Thus, all income and donations flow directly into our species conservation projects. You can support our work with a donation or membership and also find out more in our videos.

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