Bottlenose dolphin" project

Since 2005, YAQU PACHA has been supporting researchers at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande FURG in the implementation of a conservation project for a local population of Lahille's bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops gephyreus) in southern Brazil. Observations over the last few years have shown that the number of stranded dolphins has increased significantly. Most of the stranded animals showed injuries caused by fishing nets.

The aim of this dolphin project is to investigate important biological parameters such as life expectancy, population size, distribution and habitat use. Based on these results, protective measures are to be taken.

Although the globally distributed bottlenose dolphin is one of the dolphin species that is not endangered, there are numerous studies that show that local populations in many countries are threatened to varying degrees. In most cases, the threat comes from the fishing industry. This is because hundreds of dolphins become entangled in nets with deadly consequences. YAQU PACHA believes that this project is a model. The protection strategies successfully developed in this project can be implemented worldwide.

Lahille's bottlenose dolphins Lagoa dos Patos Brazil

The team of Projeto Botos - KAOSA and ECOMEGA FURG

In the Lahille's bottlenose dolphin(Tursiops gephyreus) project in Lagoa dos Patos in Brazil, we collaborate with the team of Projeto Botos - KAOSA and ECOMEGA FURG and in mid-January was the first outing of the team in the 2023 season.

Project bottlenose dolphin Kaosa Team Projeto Botos Brazil Brasil Ecomega FURG

Project bottlenose dolphin Team Projeto Botos Lagoa dos Patos Brasil Kaosa Brazil

Review: Research boat

Since our biologists in Brazil urgently needed an inflatable boat with outboard motor for their dolphin project (total costs: 16,000 EUR), we had planned to win project partners for this project at the BOOT 2009 trade fair in order to secure the financing of the boat. During the 9 days of the fair we could already collect the proud sum of 11.500 EUR in donations for the research boat.

In June 2009, the time had come and our biologists were able to take delivery of their new research boat "Charlotte" and put it to use for the first time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our project partners once again for their generous support in procuring the boat and for the trust they have placed in us.

Biologists from our Latin America team are working to protect this dolphin species in cooperation with the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande FURG in Brazil.

Support the protection of this endangered local dolphin population by making a donation or you can help us with our dolphin project specifically.

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