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The team of YAQU PACHA Germany

Sebastian Buhl

Sebastian Buhl Yaqu Pacha Team Germany

I was born in 1981, graduated in communication (BAW) and work professionally for the areas of marketing and events at Nuremberg Zoo . In 2002 I came into contact with YAQU PACHA Germany and became part of the team after attending my first charity event. At YAQU PACHA I am active at trade fairs and events and I think it's good that not only problems are presented, but also applicable solutions are shown, e.g. MSC seal or fish guide. The DEADLINE campaign and the year: 2048 opened my eyes and made it clear to me that it is not possible to protect individual animal species without preserving their habitat. It is important to me to get involved in an organization where I know what is happening with the funds and where direct contact with the people on the ground in Latin America takes place at eye level. To see what can be achieved in Latin America with small resources (from a European point of view) gives hope and shows me how important the work of us here in Europe is. Population research, environmental education, conferences, exchange of experiences between Latin American scientists and thus continuous successes are possible through the work of Team Germany and therefore I am happy to be able to make a contribution.

Frank Eisenhuth

Frank Eisenhuth Yaqu Pacha Team Germany

I was born in 1963, trained as a car mechanic and currently working as a technical employee. Together with the Münster team, I support YAQU PACHA at trade fairs and events. Environmental and species protection in Latin America is very important to me. I think it's good that a small species conservation society like YAQU PACHA can make a big difference there. Since all employees in Germany work on a voluntary basis, there are only low costs for administration and the money collected can be used mainly for the projects . My motto for YAQU PACHA: Protect what can't defend itself!

Lisa-Marie Eisenhuth

Lisa-Marie Eisenhuth Yaqu Pacha Team Germany

I am currently a 10th grade student and help YAQU PACHA with events and fairs. I am with YAQU PACHA because I want to help the environment and there are many great people here who also want to help.

Tim Hüttner

Tim Hüttner Yaqu Pacha Team Germany

Even as a child, I was very interested in the world of whales and dolphins. I am a biologist and have already done research with manatees and dolphins as part of my studies. I am currently working on my doctoral thesis on the topic of sensory technology in dolphins. Through my collaboration with Dr. von Fersen, I finally became a member of YAQU PACHA and support YAQU PACHA at events or the organization of projects in Germany. In our society, I have the chance to do something myself for the preservation of the too many endangered marine animals, e.g. the vaquita.

Andreas Haller

Andreas Haller Yaqu Pacha Team Germany

Andreas is the Chief Administrative Secretary of the City of Nuremberg and a member of YAQU PACHA from the very beginning. He supports YAQU PACHA in Germany in the organization and implementation of trade fairs, such as the BOOT in Düsseldorf and events such as the Streetlife Festivals in Munich or the Samba Festivals in Coburg.

Angela Haller

Angela Haller Yaqu Pacha Team Germany

Angela is an administrative specialist and first came into contact with YAQU PACHA through her travels in South America. From 1997 to 2010 she was active as treasurer for YAQU PACHA.

Corinna Heinke

Corinna Heinke Yaqu Pacha Team Germany

I was born in 1984 and came to Nuremberg Zoo in 2009 through my work as an administrative secretary. Here I not only learned more about dolphins and manatees and took them into my heart, but also became aware of YAQU PACHA. I think it's great that YAQU PACHA is both directly active for the protection of animals with various projects and tries to raise people's awareness of nature conservation through environmental education and thus preserve the animals' habitat. I am pleased to support such a committed team and thus be able to make my small contribution to species conservation.

Sandra Isenberg

Sandra Isenberg Yaqu Pacha Team Germany

Nature and animals have always fascinated me and I love the sea. Through my work at the Delphinarium Münster I got to know YAQU PACHA in 2002. Committed and motivated people, as well as important contributions to species conservation, convinced me immediately.
As a biologist and animal keeper, I was allowed to work in various zoological gardens with exactly the animals that are also known from the YAQU PACHA projects, bottlenose dolphins, South American sea lions, giant otters, Amazon river dolphins. This allowed me to teach zoo visitors interesting facts about the animals and their protection every day.
I was also able to visit various projects and teams of YAQU PACHA on site in South America. It was great, impressive and motivating to get to know so many committed people for species conservation.

Sarah Kless

Sarah Kless

I work as a media designer and would like to actively support the work of YAQU PACHA because aquatic mammals have fascinated me from an early age. Already during my studies of media production, I implemented several projects in this field. Through an internship, this interest has become even stronger. Since then, I have known that this wildlife can only survive in the long term if its habitats are protected. At YAQU PACHA, I have found the opportunity to put this into practice.

Silke Klein

Silke Meyer Team Germany

I am a biologist and now work professionally in the field of risk management. I became aware of YAQU PACHA through a friend and since the concept convinced me, I am now involved myself by helping at trade fairs and events. I think it's good that YAQU PACHA's projects are not limited to audience favorites like Delphine and also that the money is not wasted on a large administrative apparatus here in Germany, but can be used directly on site. If a little more comes together for this through my help, I am very happy.

Chantal Pagel

Chantal Pagel

I grew up by the sea and maybe that's why I have a close bond with whales and dolphins. Through my practical work at the Dolphinarium Münster and my studies in environmental sciences, I finally came to YAQU PACHA and am happy to be able to contribute to the protection of endangered whale and dolphin species through my work in the future.

Andrea Plötz

Andrea Plötz Team Germany

The preservation of the oceans and the protection of their inhabitants is very close to my heart. Through my project work for YAQU PACHA in Ecuador and Argentina, I have experienced how important it is to become active there. Raising awareness among people and developing solutions together with them is part of our important task. As a filmmaker and presenter, I support film production and events such as the charity events or the Streetlife Festival in Munich.

Lea Pöllmann

Lea Pöllmann Team YAQU PACHA Germany

Even before I studied veterinary medicine, I knew that I would later work for the protection of endangered species and the preservation of their habitats and become a veterinarian for marine mammals.
Through Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen and YAQU PACHA, my dream of working with these animals became a reality. In the course of my practical year, I got a place at ECOMEGA-FURG in Brazil, where I was actively involved in the research work and medical care of marine mammals. The work with the team there made a lasting impression on me and confirmed my intentionto delve even deeper into the topics of health, diseases and rehabilitation of aquatic mammals after completing my studies. I would like to dedicate my doctoral thesis to the medical research of these fascinating animals.

Jessica Püntzner

Jessica Püntzner

As a graphic designer, I am responsible for the design of various communication media such as flyers, banners or brochures at YAQU PACHA. I admire the incredible commitment of YAQU PACHA and its employees to nature conservation and would like to do my small part myself so that our descendants can be just as amazed by our beautiful and exciting earth.

Michael Sinder

Michael Sinder

My interest has always been in animals. As a biology teacher, I know how important it is to bring nature closer to people and especially to children. For me, YAQU PACHA means a valuable contribution to nature and species conservation on site. I am happy to make my contribution!

Richard Urban

Richard Urban Team Germany

Through my profession as an animal keeper, I experience the fascination and beauty of our animal world anew every day. For more than five years I have looked after giant otters and learned to love these lively "rascals ". Through YAQU PACHA I have the opportunity to make my own contribution to the preservation of their habitat in the Amazon. If we were to lose the unique flora and fauna of Latin America in all its diversity, we would have given up more than just a few trees, shrubs and animals that have no direct commercial use. Our targeted projects in cooperation with the people of South America, for nature and people appealed to me from the very beginning.

Mrs. Silvia von Fersen

Silvia von Fersen Yaqu Pacha Germany

I've always been a big fan of whales and dolphins. Through the work of my husband, as founder and chairman of YAQU PACHA , I first got an insight into how threatened many of these animal species actually are and how much they need our active protection. I was particularly impressed when I was able to get to know the teams in Chile and Brazil in person. The commitment of each individual on site is enormous, the idealism admirable. I particularly like the fact that I can say from my own experience that every cent really goes where it is urgently needed. And of course, I also paid for my trip with the teams out of my own pocket. I am happy to support the work of YAQU PACHA, even if our family has to take a back seat from time to time when Lorenzo is also involved in the work of the society on weekends.

Laura Wiessmeyer

Laura Wießmeyer Team Website

I am a paralegal and I have been volunteering for YAQU PACHA in Germany since my early childhood. My father was the 2nd chairman for many years and that's why I joined YAQU PACHA e.V. at an early age. I am interested and fascinated by what our species conservation organization does to protect the oceans and endangered species and I help where I can, e.g. at charity events or other events, and I also work on our website.

Stefan Wiessmeyer

Stefan Wiessmeyer Webmaster Website Yaqu Pacha

Since 1993 I have been working independently as a jewellery designer and in 1995 I started to build up my own collection with marine motifs. After diving since 1989 and photographing underwater with enthusiasm, I wanted to make my contribution to the preservation of the underwater world by building up the collection. So I started looking for a nature conservation organization that I wanted to support. Through contact with a diving magazine, I became aware of YAQU PACHA in Germany. It was important to me to get involved in an organization where I know what happens with the funds made available. After an initial meeting, it was clear to me that this organization was the right one for me. In the course of time, I became more and more involved in the work of YAQU PACHA and since 1997 I have been the second chairman of the YAQU PACHA e.V. society for many years.
In the meantime, together with Lorenzo , I take care of the processes here in Germany, the support of the members and our WEBSITE, as well as YAQU PACHA on Instagram and Facebook.
Through YAQU PACHA I have the opportunity to make my small contribution to the preservation of our nature. It is our little world – we only have "the one". It is up to us to preserve it for our children.

All YAQU PACHA team members and the board of directors work for the society on a voluntary basis. Thus, 100% of all income and donations flow directly into the species conservation projects of YAQU PACHA e.V.

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