YAQU PACHA supports workshop on the health assessment of river dolphins

Workshop River Dolphins Valencia Spain

Veterinarians from all over the world met in Valencia and then in the Canary Islands (Spain) for a training event on the health assessment, rescue and relocation of endangered river dolphins.
The workshop, organized by the National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF) in collaboration with the Oceanogràfic Valencia and the Univ. de Las Palmas , provided intensive training in health assessment techniques, including physical examination, biological sampling and diagnostic ultrasound in line with the One Health approach.
This special workshop focused not only on assessing the health status of river dolphins, but also on collecting data that is important for species conservation during rescue and relocation operations. Professionals working with YAQU PACHA in river dolphin conservation in Colombia and Brazil also attended the event, which provided an unprecedented opportunity for global collaboration, mutual learning and capacity building.
This international collaboration is expected to foster new relationships and partnerships that are critical to the conservation of this endangered dolphin species.

Ultrasound Examination Workshop River Dolphins Valencia

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