PESCA ABC fish guide to protect the vaquita

Fish Guide Pesca ABC Gulf of California Vaquita

PESCA ABC, in collaboration with YAQU PACHA and other institutions, has taken an important step towards the protection of marine fauna and has published a fish guide that reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. This fish guide is not only a compilation of species, but also a testimony to our efforts to conserve marine resources in a responsible and ethical way.
One of the most outstanding features of this catalogue is that all the fish in it come from selective and sustainable fishing methods. In an area where the Vaquita fighting for its survival due to the use of gill nets, has PESCA ABC not to use this method, which carries a high risk of bycatch. Instead, selective fishing techniques have been chosen to minimise the impact on undesirable species and ensure the protection of endangered marine animals.
The catalogue also reflects the inclusivity and gender equality in our community. Both men and women are actively involved in all stages of the process, from catch to marketing. We recognize and value the contribution of each individual, regardless of gender, to the conservation of our natural resources.
In order to ensure compliance with the rules on Protection of the vaquita, turtles and non-target species, the catalogue is supported by certifications confirming the commitment to responsible fishing practices. Last but not least, we promote the use of the Japanese IKE-JIME technique for the humane killing of fish in the catalogue. This fast and humane method guarantees the quality and freshness of the fish while respecting the welfare of the animals. With the introduction of this technique, we reaffirm our commitment to ethical principles at all stages of fishing activities.
In short, the launch of this fish catalogue is not just an event, but an important milestone in our fight to protect the oceans. It is an expression of our shared commitment to sustainability, gender equality, compliance and respect for all marine life. We invite everyone to join us on our journey towards a future where we can enjoy the richness of the sea without compromising its integrity.
This fish guide to the Protection of the vaquita was supported by the support of Alumbra Innovations Foundation, Cetacean Action Treasury, Oceans 5, Marisla Foundation, Association of Zoos and Aquariums – Safe program, The Living Desert – Zoo and Gardens, Yaqu Pacha e.V.
Fish Guide Pesca ABC Vaquita Mexico Gulf of California

Fish guide as PDF: Catalogo Especies Pesca ABC FINAL