Environment Week in Brazil

Environment Week Brazil Semana Meio Ambiente Brasil Ecologia Humana do Oceano

During the National Environment Week in Brazil, our partners from ECOLOGIA HUMANA DO OCEANO from the Federal University of Espírito Santo carried out activities with children and visitors. This week, the environmental education fair took place in the municipality of Guarapari in the state of Espírito Santo, in southeastern Brazil, where our research was presented in a scientific exhibition. Our partners organized games, videos, lectures and educational activities during the Environment Week about the Franciscana or Toninha dolphin (Pontoporia blainvillei) and the Sotalia dolphins (Sotalia guianensis) that occur in this region of the country.
The project presented is a partnership between ECOLOGIA HUMANA DO OCEANO, fishing communities and schools.
YAQU PACHA has been supporting projects like this for several years. Cooperation in environmental education is important to inform society about the anthropogenic influences on dolphins.