Lahille Dolphin Workshop in Brazil

Lachille dolphin workshop brazil bottlenose dolphin brasil

Two weeks ago, an important workshop on the development of a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the Lahille bottlenose dolphin took place. The workshop hosted by KAOSA , which was attended by numerous stakeholders, including scientists, conservationists and government officials, was a crucial step in ensuring the long-term survival of this endangered dolphin species.

For two days, the participants conducted intensive discussions, data analysis and joint planning sessions. The workshop began with extensive presentations on the current status of Lahille Bottlenose dolphin populations, their endangered status, and the various threats they face, including habitat destruction, pollution, and bycatch.
The workshop ended with a sense of optimism and a renewed commitment to joint conservation efforts. As the draft CMP will be further refined and consulted in the coming months, the workshop is a testament to the power of international cooperation. YAQU PACHA as an NGO strongly supports this CMP and is already involved in the implementation of several projects that we have set out in the five-year action plan .