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Join the race for Operation GRACE from November 6 to 30. YAQU PACHA is supporting this virtual race of the National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF) together with Dolphin Quest for the protection of endangered marine mammal species. We have a long-standing partnership.
The race is intended to inspire people and get them moving, and the kilometers collected are intended to motivate them to achieve the goal they have set. There is a virtual world map with different stations. When you reach different countries as a group, we draw attention to the endangered whales and dolphins in these areas. Participants receive virtual postcards with information about these animals. Our big goal is to travel around the world virtually and visit all these animals.
After signing up and paying the registration fee, you and your team can participate in the RACE FOR GRACE and earn miles in different areas to reach your destination.
Then there are different stages of the fundraising campaign. The first level is Dolphin Defender – for anyone who wants to get involved in the protection and rescue of marine mammals. The fundraising goal starts at $50 and once the goal is reached, you will receive a medal next to your name on the leaderboard.
Further information and the possibility to register can be found on the page RACE FOR GRACE