Talks about cooperation in Brazil

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As an organization based in Germany, the President and Undersecretary of State for Justice and Institutional Integrity of the Secretariat for Justice, Citizenship and Human Rights (SJCDH), Rafael Gessinger, received Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen as a representative of the Nuremberg Zoo and YAQU PACHA for a discussion about joint cooperation.
The occasion was the actions to mark the 200th anniversary of German immigration to Brazil.
Dr. von Fersen has been working with YAQU PACHA with Brazilian institutions for over 25 years and conducts research on the protection of aquatic mammals. One of the species that is at the heart of the binational collaboration is the La Plata dolphin – Franciscana – Toninha, an endangered dolphin species found only in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.
The visit was divided into two parts. Dr. von Fersen was introduced to the management and conservation programs of the Sapucaia do Sul Zoo, which also includes native species such as the giant anteater, the maned wolf and the jaguar. Dr. von Fersen was received on site by biologist Eduardo Polanczyk da Silva and the head of the State Secretariat for Environment and Infrastructure (SEMA), Caroline Weissheimer Gomes.
Also on Wednesday, Gessinger and Professor Paulo Ott from the State University of Rio Grande do Sul (Uergs) received von Fersen at the Fernando Ferrari (CAFF) administrative center. On this occasion, the measures to celebrate the 200th anniversary of German immigration and the design of future partnerships were presented. It is planned to draw attention to the work and projects of YAQU PACHA with various information events in Brazil.