Cooperation agreement with GEMARS in Brazil

Contract Gemars Yaqu Pacha Contrato Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen Federico Sucunza
Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen YAQU PACHA and Dr. Federico Sucunza GEMARS

Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen, on behalf of YAQU PACHA, signed a cooperation agreement with GEMARS on cooperation in the fields of education, science, technology and culture at a meeting with our partners in Brazil.
Close cooperation with local organizations in South America is crucial for the successful implementation of our projects.
There have also been discussions with fishermen who are involved in our joint activities to reduce dolphin bycatch . Here, objects in the fishing nets (empty plastic bottles) are currently being tested so that the nets are recognized and avoided by the dolphins. This is a cost-effective alternative to acoustic signals (pingers).

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Gemars Yaqu Pacha group contrato Brazil Brasil
Daniel Danilewicz, Paulo Ott, Lorenzo von Fersen, Federico Sucunza