Results Workshop Human Dimensions of Small Cetacean Conservation

Human Dimensions of Small Cetacean Conservation group group picture

We are pleased to share with you the results of the workshop on the human dimensions in the conservation of small cetaceans, which took place in Nuremberg in December 2022. Our main goal was to investigate the influence of human behavior, thought, and emotion on small cetacean conservation efforts. We discussed the challenges and opportunities ahead and emphasized the importance of involving local communities and stakeholders.

It is clear that a holistic approach that takes into account social, economic, cultural and political factors is crucial. Collaboration is key! We need to work hand-in-hand with conservation organizations, governments, and local communities, adapting our strategies to changing needs and perspectives. Let's remember our key messages: Understanding human behaviour is crucial to reducing impacts on the marine environment. Successful conservation requires a change in human behavior and our efforts must benefit both dolphins and human communities.

Human Dimensions of Small Cetacean Conservation Goals Ziele

Read the report as a PDF here: 50.3_vonFersen_22_Workshop

The workshop was made possible thanks to the support of YAQU PACHA, Verein der Tiergartenfreunde Nürnberg and Tiergarten Nürnberg.