Whales and dolphins

Today we are pleased to present the new book Whales and Dolphins by our friend Ralf Kiefner.

Whales and Dolphins Book Ralf Kiefner

Whales and dolphins are the most popular marine mammals and hardly anyone knows their fascinating world better than the diver, author and photographer Ralf Kiefner. In his book he now presents - scientifically sound and easy to understand - all 93 species with photos and drawings as well as detailed descriptions. The portraits provide information on behavior, food and reproduction as well as on distribution areas and hot spots for whale watching. Information on historical, cultural and mythological contexts and on the endangerment of the species round off this comprehensive nature guide.

Ralf Kiefner has been diving for 50 years. For more than 30 years he has worked successfully as an author, wildlife and underwater photographer, cameraman and producer for TV productions. Magazines and TV stations worldwide have published his work. His shark documentary "Beyond Fear" was groundbreaking, his book "Whales and Dolphins, Worldwide" is considered a standard work.

Whales and dolphins - Ralf Kiefner - ISBN: 978-3-440-16339-9

Franckh-Kosmos Verlag 336 pages, 247 color photos, 229 color illustrations

D: 42 EURO (A: 43,20 EURO, CH: 54,90 sFR)