When the ARENAS project was launched in 2005, there were no books available in Uruguay for teachers to use in environmental education to teach children about the biodiversity of Uruguay's coastal regions. ARENAS seeks to fill this gap and was written primarily for teachers, with the goal of teaching children about local, conservation-related topics.

It includes basic knowledge about the biosphere, biodiversity, ecology and ecosystems. However, the various chapters also focus specifically on Uruguay's coastal systems, local flora/fauna, and local conservation issues. In addition, examples of practical exercises are presented for the different topics. The ARENAS project was developed in cooperation with the Uruguayan Ministry of Education and local conservation associations and evaluated over the course of a year with teachers from numerous schools. The teachers' wishes and suggestions were incorporated into the final version.

ARENAS is thus the first environmental education project in Uruguay that not only teaches the local connection to nature conservation, but also, based on practical experience, is available to teachers to specifically teach students about the flora and fauna of the country. The goal of ARENAS is to awaken children's interest in learning by understanding natural phenomena and to promote the understanding that nature is an important part of their lives.

YAQU PACHA, together with other companies, was not only a provider of ideas but also of funds throughout the development process.

A total of 1,000 copies were printed and distributed free of charge to all teachers in schools in the coastal region of Uruguay.

Title of the book and PDF:
Proyecto ARENAS - Ecosistemas costeros uruguayos. Una guia para su conocimiento

Proyecto Arenas on the site of the Parliament of Uruguay

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