Chilean Dolphin Project

YAQU PACHA in Chile | Around the Chiloé archipelago in southern Chile live, among other species, the Chilean and Peales dolphins. While the Peales' dolphin (Lagenorhynchus australis) occurs in both the South Pacific and the South Atlantic, the Chilean dolphin (Cephalorhynchus eutropia) is an endemic species of Chile. Due to the increasing expansion of salmon and shellfish farms in recent years, the habitat of these animals is threatened with drastic changes.

The habitats of Chilean and Peales dolphins overlap with the area of salmon and especially shellfish farms. This seems to affect to a particularly large extent the Chilean dolphins, since they are mainly found in these protected zones, such as Yaldad Bay, San Pedro and Guamblad channels. In addition, the nets installed in the nearshore zones to catch salmon and native fish in the core area of their habitat pose a strong, direct threat to Peales' dolphins. However, as they are forced to spend more and more time near the zones used for fishing, the likelihood that they will become entangled in the nets increases.

YAQU PACHA has been on the ground there since 2001, assisting Chilean biologists to pinpoint the extent of the threats and establish protected areas for Peales' dolphins.

YAQU PACHA Chile is currently working intensively on the project NAVEGA CON EL DELFÍN CHILENO - SOY EL DELFÍN CHILENO in environmental education and to make this dolphin species better known in Chile, so that people get involved in the protection of the Chilean dolphin.

NAVEGA con el delfin chileno YAQU PACHA Chile

Dolphin Chileno Chilean dolphins infographic YAQU PACHA Chile

You can download this infographic as a PDF on the YAQU PACHA Chile website.

Review: Research vehicle

At the BOOT 2010 trade fair, we had set ourselves an ambitious goal:
A research vehicle for our project in Chile

Our biologists urgently needed a suitable vehicle to be mobile on site in Chiloé and to be able to transport the extensive and heavy equipment to the different research areas.

Thanks to the support of our partners, we were able to collect the proud sum of 7,500 EUR during the 9 days of the fair and thus secure the purchase of the vehicle.

We are very happy that we can now present you our fire red YAQU PACHA mobile. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners once again for their support. MUCHAS GRACIAS!

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Review: Research boat

At BOOT 2013 we had raised funds for a new research boat. Thanks to the financial help of Teddy Hermann, MARES, SCUBAPRO, KALLWEIT, BAUER, FOTOFAIRSICHERUNG, SCHÖNER TAUCHEN, SUB-AQUA Reisen, BELUGA Tauchsport and Mr. JÜRGEN PASTORINO, Yaqu, our new research boat, is now floating ready for use at the anchor buoy in front of the research station in Yaldad.

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