Children's book - Humpback whales and right whales in Brazil

children book humpback whales right whales baleias brazil Fafá e Juba

Do you know Fafá and Juba, the baby whales?
Our partners from ECOLOGIA HUMANA DO OCEANO have developed a new children's book about humpback and right whales and published it as an eBook.
This book introduces in a playful way to children the way of life of the whales at the coast of Brazil by means of the two whale calves Fafá and Juba and offers child-oriented information about the species. Games and small puzzles are also included in the book.
You can download the book for free as a PDF on the ECOLOGIA HUMANA DO OCEANO website.
The children's book was created with the support of YAQU PACHA. Environmental education is an important part of all YAQU PACHA projects.

children book humpback whales right whales brazil brasil baleias Fafá e Juba

children book whales humpback whale right whale brasil baleias