Species that YAQU PACHA is working to protect

For 30 years YAQU PACHA e.V. has been active as a species protection organization in South America, respectively Latin America. Meanwhile we are working on the protection of 9 endangered aquatic mammal species in 6 countries in Latin America together with different partners.

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We are currently working in species conservation in South America to protect the following endangered mammal species. With Lahille's bottlenose dolphins in Lagoa dos Patos in Brazil. With Project Manati in Brazil and Venezuela. The La Plata Dolphin Franciscana project spans Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. The Amazon Dolphin and Sotalia projects are carried out in Brazil and Venezuela. Our maned seal project covers the entire range of this species. The sea otter project Lontra felina is carried out in Peru and together with YAQU PACHA Chile we work on the conservation of Chilean d olphins and Peales dolphins in Chile. And one of our most important projects is the project to protect the endangered vaquita in the Gulf of California.

We appreciate your interest in the work of our species conservation organization and our projects and your your support.
Thank you very much!

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