30 years of YAQU PACHA e.V. at the Zoo Duisburg and Aquazoo Düsseldorf

Some impressions of the 30th anniversary Yaqu Pacha e.V. members meeting in the zoo Duisburg
We met in the morning in the zoo and were welcomed and guided through the zoo and there was detailed and interesting information about the animals.
In the afternoon the Yaqu Pacha members met in the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum Düsseldorf, where Dr. Lorenzo von Fersen (founder and 1st chairman of Yaqu Pacha) gave a presentation about 30 years of Yaqu Pacha e.V. and 30 years of species protection in Latin America.
The day ended with a joint dinner and many nice conversations.
At this point we would like to thank the Zoo Duisburg and the Aquazoo Düsseldorf for their hospitality and a big thank you also for the financial support of our projects in Latin America.
Here's to many more years of working to protect endangered aquatic mammal species.